The 6th gen Honda City will premiere in Pakistan

The Honda City is a new, redesigned vehicle that will premiere tonight in Pakistan. With the most appealing exterior design and an equally superior interior layout when compared to Toyota Yaris models for 2017.

It offers five variations:


1) The base model of City with Manual Transmission ($8499)

2) Base model of City with Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission ($8600 )

3) Aspire or “high-end” edition which includes power windows/mirrors rear camera display system leather seats (power-adjustable driver’s seat)keyless entry start button on the steering wheel as well as additional convenience features like cruise control – all at $9200


4). In addition, there are two more versions available

5th generation manual transmission only version costing around.

With the Yaris, Toyota has a vehicle that offers more power than Honda’s City. But don’t count them out just yet because both cars are great in terms of safety features and transmissions.


They have 5-speed manual transmissions with efficient motors for increased fuel efficiency (Drive by Wire technology). The only difference is that while the City 6th Generation provides a premium feel due to its high tech specs, it may be at risk from competition against many cars available within this country next year.

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