First Youth Sounding Board Member – Ozaal Zeesha ALLAH

What is a Youth Sounding Board?

Europe’s Youth Sounding Board is a participatory space for young people to have an influence on the EU’s external action. The board will help make Europe and its partners more relevant, effective, and impactful in regards to youth interests by participating in advisory roles with both Commissioner Urpilainen as well as Directorate-General International Partnerships (DGIP).

The European Union has initiated a new initiative called the Young Elected Representative Network which aims at bringing together future leaders from around 30 countries across all continents that share democratic values of human rights equality among others. 


Who is Selected as a Member of the Youth Sounding Board?

The 25 selected members are a diverse group of talented, committed, and inspiring young people from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America.

Following is a list of  members who are selected as the member of Youth Sounding board 2021:

  • Alda Soraya Asikin, Indonesia
  • Aneet Kumar, Fiji
  • Aomori Yoshimi Matsumoto Barbosa, Mexico/Argentina
  • Benjie Allen Aquino, Philippines
  • Christina Williams, Jamaica
  • Clement Ngosong, Cameroon
  • David Karorero, Burundi/Denmark
  • Deepanshu Gupta, India
  • Ghislain Irakoze, Rwanda
  • Gilberto Morishaw, the Netherlands/Curaçao
  • Gusona Marvel Nyama, Cameroon/Sudan
  • Imrana Alhaji Buba, Nigeria
  • Itumeleng Indiphile Mothlabane, South Africa
  • Juliana Celidonio Degani, Brazil
  • Kouakou Jean-Desire Kouassi, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Leonardo Parraga, Colombia
  • Maria Aleksandrova, Bulgaria
  • Maria Azul Schvartzman, Argentina
  • Marian Abukayo Murunga, Kenya
  • Nandini Tanya Lallmon, Mauritius
  • Nayla Pariamachi, Peru
  • Omnia El Omrani, Egypt
  • Ozaal Muhammad Zesha Allah, Pakistan
  • Stacy Dina Adhiambo Owino, Kenya
  • Virginia Maria Barchiesi, Italy

Source cited from European Union Website


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