China, Russia, Korea and Revival of Pakistan Steel Mills

People from China, Russia, and Korea are looking into the restoration of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), which has been shut since 2015.

The public authority had effectively declared to run PSM through Public-Private Partnership to restore the Mill. A significant level gathering was educated yesterday that gatherings are being held with potential financial backers in regards to the restoration of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM). These financial backers/parties are from China, Russia, and Korea, and the gatherings are being held practically consistently.


Government Minister for Privatization, Mohammed Mian Soomro led a gathering in regards to exchange refreshes, legitimate issues, and e-office in the Ministry. The Privatization Federal Secretary and other senior officials of the Ministry and Privatization Commission went to the gathering. The Federal Minister was informed that definite gatherings are being held with potential financial backers in regards to the recovery of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSMC).

The credits and liabilities of PSM have moved to Rs. 230 billion, and the aggregated misfortunes of PSM add up to Rs. 200 billion. The central government additionally needs to pay Rs. 750 million for compensations and annuities of the PSM representatives.

Regardless of being non-functional, the national government has needed to pay Rs. 35 billion in compensations since June 2013. Nonetheless, presently the public authority has chosen to lay off the whole labor force of the factory. In the principal period of this arrangement, 4,544 workers of PSM have effectively been ended.


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