Karishma Ali featured as Pakistan Women’s Soccer Pioneer

Karishma Ali become knows to the world five years ago when she has celebrated her first premiere in Dubai. She belongs to Chitral and is the first woman from her hometown to play sports at the Muslim Jubilee games. She is a football enthusiast since a young age. After winning the silver medal, she and her team decided to encourage other women. 

To her surprise, in her small training camp, a good number of girls came. But in her home district, people don’t prefer sports of women. So in return, a lot of angry reactions and threats came up. It was a tough time for Karishma; she stated, “I cried myself to sleep night after night.’


But her spirit is high as she sees sports as a women empowerment too. Back in 2018, she built an association for women knows as a sports club. Roundabout 200 girls are a part of the club now. This gained the world’s attention, and her efforts are being acknowledged by “Forbes.”

Her degree is in Business and Management, so she is all set to improve her region’s sports infrastructure. Her aims are high as she wants to build a stadium for girls and build clubs outside the valley too. She said, “Football is more than just a game”, so she will use this tool to bring positivity and change in communities.


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