Sindh Govt imposes ban on carrying guns on streets

In the wake of hearing during a meeting of law and order that road violations along street crimes had diminished to almost 30% in the month of August, Syed Murad Ali Shah, who is Chief Minister Sindh, educated on Wednesday to execute a blanket ban on having guns in the Sindh Province.

In the wake of being informed those 350 vehicles that are seized because of carrying guards having guns in their private cars alone in South Karachi, Murad Ali Shah who is Chief Minister Sindh coordinated to implement a prohibition on displaying and carrying guns in the Sindh Province.


Briefing that is given to Chief Minister CM states that “We have analyzed the arms’ and vehicles’ licenses as the later expressed, “There is a finished limitation on conveying arms in broad daylight, and even armed guards outside homes ought to be advised to stay inside.” The CM proposed that the police should advise the guards to remain inside their places.

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