Ufone is the only operator in the Spectrum Auction

In the midst of withdrawal of offers by three principal players in the telecom area, Ufone has gotten a 9MHz range in the 1800-megahertz band for $279 million, permitting the organization to work on its nature of administration just as grow entrance in various underserved regions.

The Pakistan Telecommu­nication Authority (PTA) pronounced Ufone as the sole champ in the bartering of extra range 2021.


Preparation of the media on the aftereffects of the bartering, PTA Chairman resigned Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa said Ufone would need to store 50% (Rs23.44 billion) of the bid sum in the public authority depository inside 15 days.

The organization had as of now paid 20pc (Rs9.38bn) of the sum on Thursday and will pay the leftover 50pc in five equivalent yearly portions. The absolute range won by Ufone is 9MHz in the 1800MHz band, which is 70.3pc of the complete offered range in this band during the bartering. With this expansion, the range property of Ufone will increment from 6MHz to 15MHz in the 1800MHz band.

Mr. Bajwa said the sale couldn’t be named a disappointment or a failure show since it was an open and unrestricted economy, adding that every one of the players was welcome to partake in the closeout and just the individuals who required range got it.


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