US Dollar Reaches All-Time High against Pakistani Rupee

The Pakistani rupee is proceeding to lose esteem versus the US dollar. The interbank market on Wednesday noticed that the US dollar outperformed its unequaled high versus the Pakistani rupee.

During the most recent four months, the worth of the US dollar has expanded by Rs16.67. The dollar exchange in the interbank market finished yesterday at Rs168.94.


After a 0.31 paisa spike today, the worth of the US dollar against the Pakistani rupee arrived at an unsurpassed high of Rs169.25; the past unequaled high was Rs168.95.

Money sellers, subject matter experts, and examiners fault a large number of components for the sharp devaluation of the neighborhood cash versus the US dollar, yet they accept the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has never really halted the deterioration and reestablish solidness.


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