A Countrywide Internet Issue in Pakistan

A countrywide sluggish web speed was accounted for in Pakistan has been in chaos on Monday as a shortcoming happened in the SEAMEWE-4 undersea cable, which is the main link connecting Pakistan to the rest of the world, Geo News revealed.

Sources associated with telecom said that a significant 40-terabyte link burst close to Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates, which brought about a sluggish web speed across Pakistan.


They said that it might require a few days to fix the influenced link.

Sources added that specialists concerned are attempting to move the web information traffic to other lower-limit links.

As per reports, this disappointing development left the entire nation without the internet.


Background knowledge: A countrywide sluggish web speed was accounted for in Pakistan on Monday as a shortcoming happened in the 25,000-kilometers-in-length Asia-Europe twofold AE1 link, Geo News revealed.

The issue originated from an undersea fiber-optic cable named Sea web 4 that halted Pakistan’s general Internet and data transmission capacity and held up correspondences between Karachi and other key urban areas, including Lahore and Islamabad. Pakistan’s Internet speed was decreased to 128 kbps, the same speed that dial-up connections use.   

The downer happened on Monday night when a shortcoming hit the SEAMEWE-4 undersea fiber-optic link between Singapore and Europe, Geo News revealed. As per reports, this discouraging development left the whole nation without a web.              


This is not the first time Pakistani got internet issues due to Sea web 4 cable disruptions since initially it has been reported that outages are common for this channel as well as others that link South East Asia with Europe via Egypt.  


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