Australian Special Plane Lands in Islamabad to Evacuate Citizens

A Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner has been seen in Pakistan by sharp planes spotters. VH-ZNK showed up in Islamabad on Wednesday early evening time following a direct departure from Darwin of 4,964 miles (7,989 kilometers).

After the flying activity was suspended, an exceptional plane arrived at the Islamabad air terminal to eliminate Australian occupants who had become stuck in Pakistan.


Australian residents who were caught in Pakistan after airplane activities in Sydney were ended will load up the stream.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has permitted the Australian carrier’s Boeing787 to land at the Islamabad air terminal, and it will withdraw for Melbourne on Thursday evening, as indicated by data.

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) is probably going to see an ascent in income because of uncommon flight activities to help Afghan evacuees.


The Islamabad air terminal has remained at the center of attention lately as it was placed responsible for planning departure planes from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover.

450 flights landed and took off from Islamabad International Airport, as indicated by reports. The departures from Afghanistan included planes from alliance powers and different carriers, just as seven airplanes from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).


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